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Hottest Male Av

Hottest Male Av round one voting has started.  Go now and vote!  These men are certainly hunky and Praddles is in the running!

So, go vote for him!

*Note:  The owner of this blog is not being paid for this endorsement(although maybe she should be) nor is  she responsible for any damage caused to keyboards and monitors from drooling.  kthx


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Let the wooing begin…


Found this on someone’s blog this morning as I went thru the feed.  Gave it a go and well, ok let the wooing begin… 😉

What’s Sexy About Your Name

You are sexy because you are very sensual. You love to be seduced.

You revel in romance. You enjoy dating, flirting, and the promise of something more.Sexual attraction takes a while to develop for you. You can’t be rushed.

You need to grow to want someone. You love being wooed and pursued.

Some people may think you’re sexually dull or cool. That’s the persona you project.

When you find the right person, you are an open and willing lover. It’s that simple.

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