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Some of you may have noticed an increase in new residents over the last few days.  When I say increase, I mean a constant stream of new residents landing on the islands where new residents take their first steps.  If you aren’t a Mentor you may not have noticed.  I am a Mentor and spent a few hours on one of the Help Islands working with these new residents.  Why the influx?  Well apparently the media in Europe had been broadcasting about sex in SL and a RL couple getting divorced because of it.  

It shouldn’t be much a surprise then to find quite a few new residents looking for sex in SL.  It happens every time one of these stories runs.  You never see this kind of coverage when for example the Crown and Pearl last year raised in the neighborhood of $3,000USD for Cancer Research.  Or when the Relay for Life raises thousands of dollars and has hundreds of people involved.  Nope, we get the big media push for sex.  I suppose people would rather read about sex than any charity.  Ok, fair enough but, if the media was really doing it’s job, it would do a bit of research.  There are positives and negatives to everything.

So, back to sex and the noob.  Sounds like a game show huh.  lol  Felt like one over the weekend, or perhaps it was a combat simulator.  In any event, I was asked more than once how to have sex, where to have sex, if I would have sex, would I teach them sex, and oh my favorite, *can I haz money to have sex with you*.  Sorry, I don’t pay people to have sex nor do I pay them to have sex with me.  I’m soooo not that desparate. LMFAO

So if you see a naked noob running around asking for sex, now you know why.


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Sometimes you just never know what’s going to happen at the Crown.  I say that in all honesty.  Whether it’s attack of the Penguins, attack of the sculpted Noob or any variation on that theme, you just never know.

Last night was no exception.  A typical Tuesday you’d think.  Bonni dj’d, then I dj’d and then Prad dj’d.  So that’s about 7  hours straight of live(well live as in not radio) music.  We had a good crowd going all night.  Some new faces and old ones.  Everyone is welcome at the Crown.  Whether it’s a new resident or an old timer, all are welcome.  You’ll even find a Linden hanging around every now and then. 😉

So last night with the usual nutty suspects  around you never know what will happen.  And so, the *Haven’t slept with Prad* club was born.  I honestly don’t know how it happened.  All I remember clearly is Lands daring Prad to dare her to do it, and him doing it.  And so, it was born.  She’s got a post all about it on her blog here .  Now we all pick on Prad unmercifully.  He always takes it fairly well usually jumping in himself.  I think my favorite quote of the night was *who is prad?* made by one of the patrons last night.  She or he was not a regular of the bar and wasn’t familiar with who was who. 

There were other bouts of insanity last night as always.  Far too many to comment on and you really had to be there. 🙂  So please, stop by the Crown and Pearl some night.  You’ll be glad you did!

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Ok, enough of the heavy topics on the blog for awhile.  Today lets talk about what’s coming up for Angel Square, The Reach and The Crown and Pearl.

First The Reach… Fall and winter will descend on the Reach in the next month or so.  Look for another photo contest once everything is all wintery and icy. 🙂  Skating parties on the inlet and sledding down the hill. 😉  I love Christmas so don’t be surprised if the decorations are up early. 🙂

Angel Square…  There are shops available to rent.  If you know anyone looking for a reasonable rent have them contact me.  Coming soon the Square will be an art gallery.  Yes I know there are loads of galleries in SL.  I’m hoping to make this one different.  This will be open to anyone who wants to exhibit a few of their pieces.  Just a few rules though… If there is a theme set, your pics need to be in the theme or i’ll return them to you.  No artist will get more than 3 boards in which to display their art.  You’ll have the ability to change them whenever you want.  In order to exhibit, you need to IM me so I can add you to the Angel Square group and give you have build rights.  This is not a place to sell your items.  If you want to do that, there are shops open to rent. 🙂  This is a gallery for people to exhibit their work within SL.  

The Crown and Pearl… I’ve heard rumblings coming from under the floor lately.  Everyone knows there is a crypt under the Crown right?  I’m not quite sure who Prad buried under there or if the burial ground was already there when he started building but I wouldn’t be surprised to find the dead crawling out from under the floor.  You really just never know what’s going to happen at the Crown.  Especially at this time of year.

So, that’s the big news.  There’s some land available for rent or sale on Angel Square so IM me if you’re interested.  Or you can leave a comment here.

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Someone had tagged me with this meme ages ago, via email, before I had my blog.  I found it today cleaning out my archives and decided to share it.  🙂 

List 3 things..


Tag at least 3 people….

What were  you thinking when you first met your current/most recent main squeeze (husband, wife, boyfriend, girlfriend, significant other, sex partner, WHATEVER!) in SL?

1.  Who is this sexy black cat, I’ll scratch behind those ears.  rawr

2.  OMG I really didn’t just say that to HIM!

3.  Dies of embarassment…





Go for it guys!

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Those of you who know me know that I co-own the bar the Crown and Pearl with my very good friend Prad Prathivi.

The Crown started as a place to hang out for all of our friends when the Three Lions closed last year.  Prad, Kendra and I had been managers of the pub and decided to open up our own bar so that our friends had someplace to go to just hang out, dance whatever. 

So.. we bought some land, Prad designed(with some input) and built the Crown.  It was quite successful.  We had some live acts and a few nuclear accidents but all in all, a great place.

When I bought Angel Square it made sense to move the Crown.  Why keep paying tier when I owned a sim.  So, earlier this year we moved the Crown to Angel Square where it now resides.  I’ll have to apologize here, I’m writing this from work and don’t have landmarks. 😦  But we’re in search 🙂

Prad redecorated the Crown this week.  It looks awesome!  We even have a bar!  Imagine that. lol  So come on by.  There is usually someone DJing from 12pm SLT.  Oh, and for the ladies, Miss Ryker Beck made the most gorgeous exclusive necklace!  And it’s free!!!  It’s sitting on the DJ booth so feel free to grab one when you come by. 

Don’t just grab a necklace and go though.  Stay awhile.  Meet some new people.  You’ll be glad you did.  The Crown has some of the nicest, friendliest folks in SL.  I realize I’m biased but come see for yourself!

I’ll add landmarks to this post later when I get home. 🙂

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Hottest Male Av

Hottest Male Av round one voting has started.  Go now and vote!  These men are certainly hunky and Praddles is in the running!

So, go vote for him!

*Note:  The owner of this blog is not being paid for this endorsement(although maybe she should be) nor is  she responsible for any damage caused to keyboards and monitors from drooling.  kthx

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If you read New World Notes ,   then you know Iris put a call out for nominations for the Hottest Male Av.  She received over 100 nominations and from the names I saw nominated, all excellent worthy men.  Well now the question is whether or not to do something similar for women.  I’m of two minds about it.

First reaction, Another beauty contest? No.  We don’t need yet another contrived contest for the most beautiful avatar in SL.  There are modelling contests, Miss Universe, Miss (fill in the blank) and any number of other contests out there for female avs.  From what I’ve seen lately of the noobies I come across while mentoring, most have a super tiny waist, ginormous hips, too short arms, legs like toothpicks and boobs that reach the next sim.  Yes, the beauty of SL is that you can have any look you want.  I’m all for that.  I even blogged about here Pet Peeve #4378 – Shapes  . 

I have to ask then, why the standard for *SL Beauty* is something resembling an anorexic barbie doll?  I have a great many friends who have what I consider beautiful avatars.  Beyond the physical aspect of their avatar though is the person behind them.  They are all beautiful to me because of who they are.  They are all incredibly talented women as well.  Whether they are DJs, builders, landscapers, photographers or designers of hair, jewelry, clothing they make my SL a more beautiful place.  They are all schmexy fun smart women who I’m happy to have in my SL life.

Second reaction, Yeah, do it but focus on something other than appearance.  As I just said I have loads of friends who I think are beautiful.  But it’s their personality that made them my friend, not how they looked.  If I wanted to surround myself with Barbie dolls I’d have made a few alts and would have them hanging around all the time. lol  How boring would that be?

If you want to do a contest for women, and I would like to see one that didn’t focus on physical beauty then set the criteria high and focus on the inside, not the outside.  Even with the male nominations look at how many men were nominated not only for the *hawtness* but also because they are talented builders, photographers, DJs etc etc. 

Set the criteria high.  Make it not just about a pretty face or a good body.  Make it about me, not how I look.  There are an awful lot of women out there who deserve some recognition for their achievements and for being damn fine women!

What’s the right answer?  I don’t know.  Most likely, there will be no Female Av contest.  Human nature being what it is, it would turn into a popularity contest and a cat fight of epic proportions.  I admit to being vain enough to want to be nominated should such a contest happen but smart enough to know it would never happen.

What do you all think?  And if I asked you who you’d nominate and why who would it be?  What characteristic do you put first?  Beauty or personality?

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