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Some of you may have noticed an increase in new residents over the last few days.  When I say increase, I mean a constant stream of new residents landing on the islands where new residents take their first steps.  If you aren’t a Mentor you may not have noticed.  I am a Mentor and spent a few hours on one of the Help Islands working with these new residents.  Why the influx?  Well apparently the media in Europe had been broadcasting about sex in SL and a RL couple getting divorced because of it.  

It shouldn’t be much a surprise then to find quite a few new residents looking for sex in SL.  It happens every time one of these stories runs.  You never see this kind of coverage when for example the Crown and Pearl last year raised in the neighborhood of $3,000USD for Cancer Research.  Or when the Relay for Life raises thousands of dollars and has hundreds of people involved.  Nope, we get the big media push for sex.  I suppose people would rather read about sex than any charity.  Ok, fair enough but, if the media was really doing it’s job, it would do a bit of research.  There are positives and negatives to everything.

So, back to sex and the noob.  Sounds like a game show huh.  lol  Felt like one over the weekend, or perhaps it was a combat simulator.  In any event, I was asked more than once how to have sex, where to have sex, if I would have sex, would I teach them sex, and oh my favorite, *can I haz money to have sex with you*.  Sorry, I don’t pay people to have sex nor do I pay them to have sex with me.  I’m soooo not that desparate. LMFAO

So if you see a naked noob running around asking for sex, now you know why.


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They do matter.  Lets all be honest here, appearances matter.  Men and women alike are drawn to whatever we define as attractive.  That definition of attractive is different to all of us.  What is true of everyone though is that in that first instance of seeing a new avatar we form an opinion.  Right or wrong, we do it.  Some keep an open mind until they get to know that new avatar, others have decided in that blink of an eye whether or not that new avatar will get the time of day.

Lets think about this for a minute.  You see an avatar on your screen, they don’t speak, don’t move.  They are just standing there and you are forming an opinion of them.  Don’t say you don’t, we all do.  What we do with that opinion is what’s important.

Ahuva commented on her blog yesterday about someone *suggesting* she needed an AO.  Why does she?  If she’s quite happy with how she walks or stands or sits far be it from me to tell her she *has* to have one.  If she wants one I’ll point her in a few directions but that’s her choice.  I had to have one, I hated watching myself walk around like I had a stick up my butt or that goofy hand on the hip stand.  So, I bought one and  used it for a good 2 years.  I just bought a new one and I love it for it’s convenience.  Ever try to sit somewhere and not be able to???  This AO fixes that. So YaY! 

Ok, so what do you do with that opinion you’ve got?  If it looks like a new resident you’ll have one opinion.  Keep in mind though, that *new resident* could be someone that’s been in world for 2 + years and is just creating an alt.  Can’t judge a book by it’s cover. 😉

While I can appreciate a well put together avatar, it’s what that person has to say that really matters to me.  Intelligent, funny, passionate(about something other than sex 😛 ), friendly, compassionate, tolerant.  These are all things that matter to me.  Make yourself an elf, a neko, a furry, robot, whatever.  If you have the above in your personality, chances are I’m going to like you.

Our appearance is as important as you make it be.  That noob you just met could be the most fascinating person to talk to you.  If you don’t take the chance to talk to them though, how will you ever know.  They could also be a jerk so you have to take the good with the bad. 😉

In SL, our avatars appearance reflects how we want to be seen.  It’s not *who* we are.  Next time, don’t discount someone just because of how they look, what they are wearing, whether or not they have AO etc.  Take a minute and talk to them.  You might be very glad you did.

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