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With so many rezz days and anniversaries it occurs to me how much we forget after a year.  So I’m going to collect yours(memories that is 😛 ).

The Crown and Pearl’s birthday is Wednesday and I thought what better way to share the memories of the last year than to collect them all in a book that we can all keep.  So… send me your stories.  The funny, the sad, the weird, and the ugly, I want them all.  Please just one per person though!!!  Feel free to send a pic or two along with it. 🙂  Keep in mind this book is going to be out for public viewing so if you don’t want someone else to see it or read it, don’t give it to me.

Send me your stories and pictures by the end of the week.  Either send me a notecard in world or leave a comment here or email me at mayfairwtch20@hotmail.com .  Please leave me an IM if you send me something so that I don’t miss it.

I’ll put them all in a book and leave it at the Crown for everyone to see.  If you ask nicely I may even give you your own. 😛

I have so many fond memories of the last year picking just one will be near impossible but I hope that everyone can find one they want to share.  One very special memory for me is a moonlit dance in a very crowded CnP with a very special man and not noticing anyone but him.  It was a beautiful night and one I’m not likely to forget any time soon.  🙂 

The new theme will be going up in The Gallery of Light this week as well.  You’ll just have to come by and see it for yourself. 🙂

Watch for notices to go out in the Crown and Pearl group later today.


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