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Something happens when you are surrounded by talented people.  You are inspired to create, to design to share.  So, you start to create.  You design something.  You build it, you share it, and it’s crap.  But the need to feel that you’ve contributed is strong so you keep at it.
Eventually, you build something that you are truly proud of. It’s exactly what you wanted.  You’ve worked at every detail, hoping you’ve left nothing out but knowing you probably have.  Doesn’t matter, it’s yours and you love it.  Well now you want to show it off so you invite all those talented people you know.  The ones whose opinions you value and trust.  The ones you really want to show off to and say *Look what I did!!*  Now the panic hits.  What if they hate it.  They’ll find every imperfection.  Now you wish you’d never invited them. Will they be honest, and do you want them to?  Or do you want them to just tell you what you want to hear.  You’ll never learn, improve, grow without honest feedback.
Now it begins to settle in that you’ll never be anywhere near as good as any one of them.  You may have a smidge of talent but nothing that will make you stand out, be different.  You’ll always be on the sidelines cheering someone else on.  Nothing wrong with that, everyone needs a cheerleader.   Who cheers on the cheerleader though?  Does anyone ever see those folks on the sidelines, the ones who are invisible in the shadow of other’s talent?  
A few may practice and work hard and become part of the talented few.  The rest though, they slip into background.  There when someone needs them but invisible the rest of the time.  They wonder what would happen if they weren’t there to ask questions of anymore.  Would you find a different source to answer your questions?  Would you even notice they were gone?  Yes, you’d notice but only from the inconvenience of having to go somewhere else to get your information or fix your problem.  That’s a topic for another day though…
Some of my best friends have an incredible amount of talent.  There is very little they can’t do.  Whether it’s making skins, torturing tiny prims or building a house, these people are among the best designers in SL and the nicest people you’d ever want to meet.  I’m proud to have them on my friends list, not because of *who* they are, but because of the type of people they are.  I’ll always be there for them.I get so excited every time they show me something new they’ve done.  They continue to amaze me with what they come up with.  I’ll never be as good with photoshop or as talented a builder/scriptor/animator/poser but that’s ok. I’ll keep practicing mostly because I enjoy it.  If it wasn’t fun I wouldn’t do it.So I’ll be the cheerleader.  It’s what I’m good at.  Besides, sometimes it’s good to be invisible.  🙂





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Happy Monday!  Can you just see the sarcasm dripping off that?  Good, just checking 🙂

I heard all of you out there laughing at me about photoshop.  Well, go look at my Flickr stream.  I went a bit nuts this weekend. 🙂  HUGE thanks to Praddles who spent some time with me this weekend running me thru the basics.    Thank you hon *muah* ❤

I’ll be running all over the grid now taking snaps.  Have any recommendations for that perfect shot?  Let me know in the comments.  I’d love to hear your favorite spots for phototaking.

Around the grid…

Well, Southsea’s Will to Live is gone.  Taken down Saturday to be replaced by something equally stunning and thought provoking I’m sure.  I’ve tried to get a  hint, but that’s not happening.  I suppose I’ll just have to wait and see.  I can’t wait to see who wins the photo contest.  All the entries were stunning.  It’s gonna be a tough decision, glad I’m not the one doing it.

The Reach is coming along.  I decided to forget about the pool and open up that area as a studio instead.  Well I needed someplace to feed my addiction didn’t I?  lol  So, the studio is up.  It’s likely where I’m going to be if you are looking for me.  At least for the forseeable future. 😉

On the web…

Some bad news heard recently, the lovely ladies of Linden Lifestyles are packing up their virtual pencils and closing the site down.  I can’t tell you how sad that makes me.  I’ve leaned on them so many times for fashion advice.   You’ll be missed ladies!  Good luck to you both!

On your mind…

So.. the topic of ethics has come up a few times this weekend.  Some folks thinks it’s ok to copy another artists work as long as you are not selling it.  Others don’t think it’s ok to copy anything regardless of whether you will sell it or use for personal use. 

What do you think?  Personally, I’ve copied things I’ve seen in world simply to see if I could and to perfect my own skills.  I’m not sure I even have any of those items anymore come to think about it.  I’ve taken inspiration from what I’ve seen but I always try to make it my own idea that comes to life. 

So where is the ethical line?  As a creator/designer/builder how do you deal with it?  Imitation may be the sincerest form of flattery but when you see the very unique house you built being duplicated it can’t be easy to swallow.  So let me hear what you think about it.

What else is on your mind?  In November I will have been in SL for 2 years.  That’s a long time but  it’s only in the last 8 months that I think I’ve really begun to grow.  My building skills are better, I can do some basic edits in photoshop, I still can’t script my way out of a paper bag but we can’t have everything. 😉  I’ve been thinking about what it was like when I was new and looked up to those folks who’d been in world for OMG 2 years.  lol    I learned a lot from them.  I hope that I can do the same for someone else.

Me… I’ll be in Photoshop later no doubt. 😉  IM me though, I’ll answer ya eventually. 😉



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