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New and noteworthy…

Burning Life opened this weekend.  Other than spending a few hours working at one of the open mic stages I haven’t spent any time there.  To be perfectly honest I don’t get it.  Any excuse for a party?  If someone understands why and how this whole thing started and wants to share it – that would be great!  Anyway… stages are open mic.  IM me in world if your interested and I’ll do what I can to get you some mic time.

The Crown was rocking last night.  I had the stream for a couple of hours before Prad took it.  Rrish picked it up from her brother.  All in all a really good night.  Certainly helped to shake off the Monday blues.

I was on one of the Help Islands this weekend.  It really amazes me how incredibly rude people are.  I really have to wonder if these people are like this in RL or if the anonyminity lets them be something they aren’t.  I’m not sure which is worse.  I know SL gets a lot of bad press but are there that many people sitting in their underwear watching the news that jump out of their chair when something about SL comes on sending them running to their PC?  Do all of these psychos really think SL is just one big Orgi?  Let’s face it, most of these people are middle aged men.  If there are that many middle aged horny men out there, it explains why there are so many single women.  If I need to explain that sentence to you, go ask a woman. 😉

So boys here’s a hint.  Seduction will get you so much more for much longer.  🙂  ‘Nuff said.

Oh, one more hint.  It’s not supposed to be taller than you are. 😉  In that case, size really does matter. 😉


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Let the wooing begin…


Found this on someone’s blog this morning as I went thru the feed.  Gave it a go and well, ok let the wooing begin… 😉

What’s Sexy About Your Name

You are sexy because you are very sensual. You love to be seduced.

You revel in romance. You enjoy dating, flirting, and the promise of something more.Sexual attraction takes a while to develop for you. You can’t be rushed.

You need to grow to want someone. You love being wooed and pursued.

Some people may think you’re sexually dull or cool. That’s the persona you project.

When you find the right person, you are an open and willing lover. It’s that simple.

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Happy Rezz Day Kendie!!

Today is Kendra Fallon’s Rezz Day!  2 Years!! Congrats hon!!!!

I met Kendra well over a year ago at the Three Lions Pub.  She, Prad and I were managers of the pub for awhile.  She’s an amazing DJ with a voice I could just listen to for hours on end. 😉

Unfortunately RL imposed and Kendra wasn’t in world for quite awhile.  She was very much missed be I kept in touch via email and MSN and Skype.  I know coming back to SL wasn’t easy after being gone so long.  With the pace at which things change in SL 6 months can feel like 6 years.  She’s back though. 🙂

She’s DJing at the Crown every Wednesday.  If the SL event calender was my friend, I’d get her DJ slots posted.  So, consider it posted here for now!

Kendie, I’m really glad your back hon, you really were missed.  I  know you didn’t want a big party today so I’m bowing to your wishes.  But you never said I couldn’t do a  blog entry that anyone on the internet could read. 😉  lol


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You think you know…


…your friends.

…your mind/wants/desires/needs

Yesterday was Prad’s party and I spent some time myself reflecting on the past 2 years.  Good and bad times, mistakes made, small triumphs, friendships made and broken.  It doesn’t seem like such a long time, 2 years until you start to  replay them in your head.  The small smile at a memory, the laugh at an old picture, the tears from a loss, the frown at would could have been, and even the anger at some lingering pain. 

I’d like to think I’ve learned from all of this.  I’m sure some of you would say I haven’t that I’m still just a silly little girl.   Hopefully some of you agree that I’ve changed, learned and grown.

It’s difficult hearing what someone thinks of you.  Oh it’s easy when they say things to your face.  Easy is the wrong word.  It’s the difference between seeing the truck hit you and simply waking up dazed and confused weeks later.  It really is easier when you see it coming.

Now I know I’m not going to be best friends with everyone I meet.  Nor will I be close friends with everyone I meet.  I can’t be, don’t expect to be.  It’s still a surprise though when I find out what some people really think of me.  I don’t suppose I should be shocked at it anymore.  I’ve been accused of riding people’s coattails and sucking up and using certain people for a long time now.  That I only want to be friends with certain people because of who they are or what they can do for me or give me.  Every time I hear it, it hurts.  The people who say it, don’t know me.  If they did, they wouldn’t say it because they know how much it hurts. 

I’m not going to apologize for loving my friends and being willing to go to the ends of the earth for them.  I will continue to do it because I like making them happy. 

I’ll just be more careful who I open up to.

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Happy Rezz Day Fifi

Today is the 2nd Rezz day for one of my best friends in this world or any other for that matter – Prad Prathivi.  I’m sure many of you know him.  He’s a builder, DJ, photographer, videographer, artist, blogger, fashionista, venue owner and really just an all around good guy.

I met Prad at the Three Lions Pub(long gone now 😦  ) when we were both noobs(yeah ok, he’s older by a couple months).  He would stand in the corner staring out the window because the lag was so bad on his pc he couldn’t move.  He started DJing and while he couldn’t say his last name(still can’t) he turned out to be a fab DJ.  He started building and let me tell you the boy has talent.  Hop over to Amodica to see what he can do. 

We co-own the Crown and Pearl on Angel Square, stop by some night and hang out.  You never know who will be on the stream. 😉

I won’t embarass him by writing a lenghty tome singing his praises.  Although he’d probably love it. 😉 

He knows how  proud I am of him.

Love ya hon, hope this is a fab rezz day!

P.S. He’s been nominated for Hottest Male Av on New World Notes http://nwn.blogs.com/nwn/2008/09/nominate-hot-gu.html

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I’ve been talking about love and sex and the happy bit of being in love and I’ve ignored the crappy part.  The part where it ends.  The part where you feel like you’ve been kicked around the block and run over by a train it hurts so much.  The part where you just want to die.

Yep, been there, done that, got the T-shirt.  Or should I say shirts???  *sigh  I’m sure we’ve all been there.  Breakups are rarely *fun*.  Do you talk to your ex? Without spitting in his/her eye of course. 😉  I don’t.  I think I have one muted still. 😉  Here’s the thing though, how do you get from *I love you* to *I wish you’d rot in hell!*???

At the beginning of the summer I watched most of my friends pairing off.  I was happy for them of course but I just hate being the fifth wheel.  So while the summer is quiet anyway I spent a lot of time exploring and learning Photoshop ;).   Now the summer is over and a lot of those relationships are falling apart, new ones forming.  Two of my ex’s are blissfully happy now in both SL and RL with the person they dated after me.  I think they should both be thanking me.  If I hadn’t broken up with him, they wouldn’t have him.   Course, if I hadn’t broken up with them they would probably be dead and I’d be in jail for murder so it’s good all around. 🙂  Win win for everyone. 🙂 

I’ve watched some relationships fall apart that I really thought would be forever and that makes me sad.  I see others that will probably implode.  That is sad as well.  I’ve seen something happen to people when they partner in SL.  They get too clingy or possessive or something but they change.  I’ve seen friends  partner and stay that way for ages.  I’ve seen people partner for business reasons.  I’ve even seen people partner themselves! 

So, partner or not?  If you do, why?  If you don’t, why not?

Come on… tell me what ya think.

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I’m a SecondLife Mentor and while I don’t get to the Help Islands very often, I do a lot of mentoring just wandering around the grid.  If I feel like being helpful and have a lot of patience, I’ll put my mentor tag on and start wandering.

This is what I decided to do last night.  I decided to take a break from putting Prad’s rezz day presents together and go be helpful.

First stop, NCI South.  Really quiet.  I hardly recognized it from my noob days.  So I wandered around a bit and was stopped by a gentlemen who wanted to know A/S/L.  If you know me, then you know.  If you can read my profile, you know.  If you are 4 days old and ask, I’m not gonna tell ya.  Sorry but some info you really need to work for. 🙂  So we chatted a bit.  He asked the typical questions, where to go, what to do, how to get money.  He went on and on about how hawt my Av is.  Asked if these were my RL clothes too.  Yes, I run around in a thong, thigh high boots, micro mini skirt, velvet drape top, ears and a tail.  All the time. 🙂 Then he asked if there was a way he and I could *interact*.  I had to ask what he meant since we were already chatting.  If your mind is in the gutter, stay there, that’s exactly what he meant. LOL  I coughed and explained the search button would be his gateway to the *adult pleasures*.  Before I could type 3 more letters, poof he’s gone.  Don’t know where he went, but I hope he enjoyed  himself. 😉

Next stop, a LM I was checking out for photo ops.  It was kinda busy and I hadn’t taken my tag off so I immediately got an IM from someone.  *OMG you have to help me* is what I got.  Now when I get this from people I know, I generally chuckle and say ok.  When it’s a total stranger though I get worried.  Seems this girl was being followed by someone in a grim reaper av screaming he had come for her.  Halloween starts earlier and earlier 😉  Anyway, I told her that if he was a problem, she could AR him or, and this was my preferred suggestion, she could just TP away.  She told me she couldn’t leave, that she had to stay there.  Now, tps were working fine, no grid issues that I knew of so I had to ask why she couldn’t leave.  She wanted the stuff in the lucky chair.  She’d been there half an hour already and wasn’t leaving till she got the shiny new thing.  Sigh.  I told her again what her options were regarding the Grim Reaper.  Mute, AR, TP away  She wanted me to orb him away.  Sorry, not my job.  By now she was getting all kinds of angry at me.  ME??!!! I took my own advice and TP’d out of there.

Last stop, Hanja Welcome Area.  I hadn’t been back there since my noob days.  Place  hasn’t changed.  The people have though.  Welcome areas are for new residents.  Older residents come here to hang out and help.  At least that’s how it should be.  Older residents should not be hanging around acting like they own the place.  Really, there were about 5 avs, all a few months old *holding court* complete with bodyguards.  Reading profiles made me cringe.  When the *leader* of this little group has on the main page of his profile *willing raper of women* I get a bit upset.  No, I didn’t AR him, probably should have.  So here is this little group giving out information, wrong information.  So I IM’d a few people and gave them the correct information.  They seemed happy. 

Then I met this one girl who was only a few days old was looking for things to do.  She’d been shopping for freebies only as she had no $L.  I asked what she was interested in, explained search to her.  Gave her a few LMs.  Next thing I know she’s asking me to take  her on a tour of SL.  I gave her the LM to the balloon tour.  Sorry kids but I’m not a tour guide.  I’ll give you landmarks, offer suggestions, help if I can, teach you how to build and even offer a makeover suggestions if your interested. 

My last encounter at Hanja was with a guy who wanted sex.  Sigh.

Chances are really good I’m NOT going to have sex with you if;

… we just met

… you can’t form complete sentences

… your walking around with a freenis sticking 4 feet out of your pants

… you say *have sex?* in any variation/language/form to me

… you ask me for money

The above applies to both men and women. 

That concluded my evening of wandering and being helpful.  I was tired, I went to bed.

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