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Sex and the Newbie

Some of you may have noticed an increase in new residents over the last few days.  When I say increase, I mean a constant stream of new residents landing on the islands where new residents take their first steps.  If you aren’t a Mentor you may not have noticed.  I am a Mentor and spent a few hours on one of the Help Islands working with these new residents.  Why the influx?  Well apparently the media in Europe had been broadcasting about sex in SL and a RL couple getting divorced because of it.  

It shouldn’t be much a surprise then to find quite a few new residents looking for sex in SL.  It happens every time one of these stories runs.  You never see this kind of coverage when for example the Crown and Pearl last year raised in the neighborhood of $3,000USD for Cancer Research.  Or when the Relay for Life raises thousands of dollars and has hundreds of people involved.  Nope, we get the big media push for sex.  I suppose people would rather read about sex than any charity.  Ok, fair enough but, if the media was really doing it’s job, it would do a bit of research.  There are positives and negatives to everything.

So, back to sex and the noob.  Sounds like a game show huh.  lol  Felt like one over the weekend, or perhaps it was a combat simulator.  In any event, I was asked more than once how to have sex, where to have sex, if I would have sex, would I teach them sex, and oh my favorite, *can I haz money to have sex with you*.  Sorry, I don’t pay people to have sex nor do I pay them to have sex with me.  I’m soooo not that desparate. LMFAO

So if you see a naked noob running around asking for sex, now you know why.

This just in…

With so many rezz days and anniversaries it occurs to me how much we forget after a year.  So I’m going to collect yours(memories that is 😛 ).

The Crown and Pearl’s birthday is Wednesday and I thought what better way to share the memories of the last year than to collect them all in a book that we can all keep.  So… send me your stories.  The funny, the sad, the weird, and the ugly, I want them all.  Please just one per person though!!!  Feel free to send a pic or two along with it. 🙂  Keep in mind this book is going to be out for public viewing so if you don’t want someone else to see it or read it, don’t give it to me.

Send me your stories and pictures by the end of the week.  Either send me a notecard in world or leave a comment here or email me at mayfairwtch20@hotmail.com .  Please leave me an IM if you send me something so that I don’t miss it.

I’ll put them all in a book and leave it at the Crown for everyone to see.  If you ask nicely I may even give you your own. 😛

I have so many fond memories of the last year picking just one will be near impossible but I hope that everyone can find one they want to share.  One very special memory for me is a moonlit dance in a very crowded CnP with a very special man and not noticing anyone but him.  It was a beautiful night and one I’m not likely to forget any time soon.  🙂 

The new theme will be going up in The Gallery of Light this week as well.  You’ll just have to come by and see it for yourself. 🙂

Watch for notices to go out in the Crown and Pearl group later today.

Rezz Day thoughts

Yesterday was my 2nd Rezz day and we had a party at the Crown and Pearl.  Prad DJ’d for about 4 hours while we celebrated not only my rezz day but the rezz days of 3 of my dearest friends, Rrishanna Regina, Bailey Dazy, and Aribeth Coronet.  These ladies are truly special.  The day was wonderful filled with great friends and good music.

Thank you everyone who came by the Crown to wish us well.

I didn’t take any pictures during the party but Ahuva did so pop over to her blog and check them out.  Go ahead, I’ll wait…..  Welcome back 🙂

I need to share my rezz day present with all of you because it is just amazing. 

Present from Prad

Present from Prad


This is a miniature Crown and Pearl in globe and in turns!!  It’s absolutely beautiful and I totally adore it!!

There are times when you are simply speachless at the thought and love that goes into a gift.  This was one of those times. 

Thank You Prad for the lovely party and the beautiful gift.  ❤

Friendslist and maps

After reading Lands posts about map rights and friends lists it got me thinking.  No I didn’t hurt myself, hush up! 😛 

I’ve been in SL for 2 years now and I’ve only cleaned out my friends list once.  It’s not even a very long list considering  how long I’ve been in world.  Where I differ with Lands is that I don’t *friend* everyone that asks.  If your on my friends list it’s because we’ve spoken before.  Now I know I could hand out calling cards instead.  What is a calling card you ask?  Go to your inventory, look at the folder up on top called calling cards.  These are all the people you have friended and anyone who has you given you  their card.  Go ahead, open one, look at it.  I’ll wait.  Welcome back. 🙂  Now, you can give these out to people instead of friending them.  It will give them a way to get in touch with you without being on the friends list.  Right click the person and select give card from the pie menu.  It’s really easy. 🙂  So, if you don’t necessarily want to add someone to your friends list, give them a calling card.

Map rights…  This one can get ugly, and I know this from personal experience.  Lets say you are dating someone.  You give them map rights.  Well one evening you are  hanging out on your sofa with someone who is not your b/f or g/f.  In comes your significant other who has mapped you and didn’t notice the 2 dots, or maybe they did.  Well Lucy, now you’ve got some ‘splaining to do.  Or do you?  If I give someone map rights does that automatically mean they can pop in on me any time they like?  No it doesn’t.  It means I’ve given you rights to know where I am.  If you map me and there are 2 dots, IM me before you *drop* in.  Get your mind out of the gutter 😛  I could simply be in the middle of a private conversation.  If I’m at the Crown, go ahead and map me.  My point here is, if I’m at the Crown or out shopping drop in, the more the merrier. 🙂  But if you map me and see one or 2 dots, how about IMing me first before you drop in.  That’s just common courtesy. 

I have map rights to a number of people.  All good friends who trust me enough to give me that privilege.  If they are at the Crown, yep I’ll cheat and map them to get there quicker. 😉  Would I ever map them if they were somewhere else?  Nope, not unless they told me to.  Have I checked to see where people are, yep, I have.  I’ll check the map before I IM them.  If I see 2 dots, I’ll leave them alone. 😉  

Now, lets say your are dating someone and you DON’T give them map rights.  What does that say about the relationship?  Well, either you don’t trust them, you are doing something worthy of hiding or you simply don’t trust anyone.  This happened to me.  I didn’t give him map rights, we had a huge row.  I wasn’t doing anything wrong, I just didn’t trust him.  Nor did I want him following me around everywhere I went.  Course, he didn’t trust me either which is another matter entirely.  I gave him map rights in the end.  Regretted it and eventually he and I split up. 

My point is that giving map rights means you trust that person, you have nothing to hide from them.  You are also giving them the benefit of the doubt that they’ll act responsibly.  Remember, just because someone gives you map rights, or even that they friended you doesn’t mean you can be a pest.  Rights easily given can just as easily be taken away.

How to… A/Os

Ok, I’m going to start a series of tutorials.  I’ll group them all properly and tag them to make them easy to find.  By request, here is the next in the series… the A/O.

Let’s start at the beginning.  An A/O or Animation Override will animate your avatar through walking, sitting, standing, flying, falling, swimming, running, crawling, etc.   This means you will stop walking around like you have a stick up your butt and will be able to sit gracefully or manly anywhere you like.  The *new resident* look will be gone from personna.

There are 2 basic ways in which to get an A/O.  You can go and buy one already done for you or you can make your own using the Zhao basic hud(HUDs will be another topic 😛  ).  Lets talking about buying one first.  There are many stores selling them.  You get a variety of stands/sits/walks/etc all packaged neatly into a hud that you simply attach and your off.  No muss no fuss.  Most of the time.  Occasionally something breaks or doesn’t quite work right but we’ll go with, no muss no fuss. 🙂  How on earth can you possibly pick one out though?  Sorry, can’t really help with that one.  It’s all rather subjective.  My suggestion though, go thru all the pose stands, sometimes twice.  Don’t go for the most expensive, or the cheapest.  Your looking for something that feels like you when you look at him/her.  There are loads of animation stores out there.  Currently I’m using one from Vista.  Their hud has the *sit anywhere* which I’m sure everyone has by now.  I simply like the transitions between animations.  It looked natural.  Price wasn’t bad either.  I can also edit it to add more poses if I so choose.  Which brings us to the build your own option.

Most A/Os are run off of notecards within a menu driven HUD.  The HUD reads the notecard and the script within plays the animations.  90% of them have instructions on how to *update and add* animations.  The script does all the work provided  you type the name of the animation correctly in the notecard.  Now there are lots of options here too.  You can buy a Huddle which will hold all your dances and your A/O as well as other stuff, or you can grab a free A/O huddle and use that or you can buy one.  For the most part, these are easy to do if you type the animation names correctly on the notecard.  You rezz the A/O, which is normally a round transparent prim that you’ll *wear*, on the ground, edit it, add your animations on the contents tab, edit the notecard, pull it back into your inventory, then wear it and off you go.  If you get script errors, check your spelling! 

So, there you have it.  A rather brief tutorial on the A/O.  My recommendation???  Buy one that you can add animations to.  That way you can swap animations and never really get bored with it.  Someone else has done all the scripting leaving you to simply enjoy it.  If your really really geeking, build your own.  Me, I’m happy with my new one from Vista.  kthxbai


P.S.  I’m not being paid in any way for recommending Vista.  There are other animation overrides out there:  SEMotion, Animazoo, Abranimations to name a few.